About Us

As a team of two, we launched Formcoast in June 2020. Our goal is to help all educators gain access to an easy way to create quizzes for their students and provide a "hands-free" approach to data analysis and readability.

We understand how time consuming quiz creation can be, let alone managing the data. Our hope is that educators and teaching professionals will discover the ease of using our quiz creator and let us do the "heavy-lifting" when it comes to the data, so you can get some of your time back!

Our Commitment

Educators are one of the most essential members of society and anything we can do to make their lives easier is worth pursuing.

A lot of our close friends are educators who would express their day-to-day frustrations with the current online quiz managing platforms, which led us to create Formcoast.

We have tested this
  • After viewing our beta, the feedback was immediately "this is definitely needed!”. This has stuck with us and we aim to continue providing additional value, features and support as time goes on.

Our Current Initiative

We encourage you to use our platform and provide as much feedback as possible on how we can further improve the experience for all educators. So create a quiz, invite some friends, tag some questions and view your data.

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