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Formcoast packs a punch.


Control the flow by creating timed quizzes.


Make your quizzess more engaging by adding images to your questions.

End dates

Set hard deadlines on quizzes with our built-in calendar.

Automated grading

We grade each quiz automatically and keep you updated along the way.


Level up your data analysis with custom question tags.


Export your quiz data whenever you'd like.


1. Search ⚡

Search for quizzes, passengers, and everything in between.

search for quiz data

2. Track 🏄

Keep track of every activity surrounding your quiz.

quiz activity

3. Analyze 📈

Our dashboards scale with you, allowing you to focus on results and decisions.

analyze quiz data easy
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Your users are your passengers

Invite users to your quizzes and make them passengers. 💪

invite users to take quizzess

Captain your ships

Group passengers together by adding them to your ships. 🚢

create groups to take quizzess

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